1. Mr. Vishwas Shinde
  2. Mr. Anil Muskawad
  3. Mr. Vrijal Kulkarni
  • List of DR/HAZOP Studies chaired by our Facilitator Operating Plant
    1. Desalter and Refinery Feed at MAF-ORPIC, Oman
    2. Field Change Proposals for various PDO Oman facilities
      • IA Supply to ESD
      • Test Separator Oil Outlet Line Modifications
      • JJJ Header Protection
      • Amal West Export Pump Discharge and Recycle Modifications
      • Sadad Dehydration Tank Blanketing Gas Modification
      • Modification to the Zauliyah Production Station Production Separator Inlet ESDV
      • Casing and Tubing Pressure Monitoring of Haima West PCP wells
      • Inline Viscometer Installation in Nimr-E Polymer Injection
      • RMPS Water Disposal Pump Mechanical Seal modifications
      • Qaharir Water Transfer Pump Priming Line Installation
      • Thuleilat FWKO Tanks Outlet Butterfly Valve replacement
      • Modifications in Anzauz Production Station
      • Onplot modification at Sayyala and Suwaihat Station Export Facility
      • HAZOP for MMPS Heater Skin Temperature Transmitters Removal
      • HAZOP for Installation of Level Transmitters at Rima GRE Bulk header and Runib-Rima header drain pit
      • HAZOP for installing one more PCV at V-2407 Separator outlet in MMPS
      • HAZOP for routing excess PW of Anzauz Production Station to Shallow Water Disposal
      • HAZOP for replacement of recycle and discharge valves of Nimr WI Pump.
  • List of HAZID workshops chaired by Our Facilitator:
    • Saudi Aramco Ras Tanura Refinery : Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit
    • Alwyn Platform (TOTAL UK) to St. Fergus subsea pipeline ILI campaign.
    • Flare Gas Recovery for Oman based company through EPC company Fabrican Ltd (Norway)
  • List of SIL/LOPA/ALARP workshops chaired by Our Facilitator:
    OQ/SGS – Detailed Design of Water Handling Unit for Bisat Wells.
  • SIMOPS workshops chaired by Our Facilitator:
    1. OQ/Vertex – Detailed Design of Gas Supply Station to Deepak Oman
  •  List of Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) chaired by Our Facilitator:
    1. Ras Gas Qatar : 30-V504B TEG Contactor Inlet Separator trip
    2. Ras Gas Qatar : 32-ESDV 0296 partial closure tripping test regenerator (32-C002)
    3. Ras Gas Qatar : N2 header contamination with liquid HC
    4. Ras Gas Qatar : Molsieve Support Failure
    5. Ras Gas Qatar : Slug Catcher Hydrate Issue
  • List of DR/HAZOP Studies chaired by Facilititor
    1. Saih Rawl Combined Cycle Power Station Project which includes
      • HRSG Package,
      • Steam Turbine Package
      • Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) and its associated auxiliaries
      • DM Water Package
      • Balance of Plant (DM Water System, Service Water System, Plant Blowdown System and Drain System)
      • WSAC Package
    2. IBRI / Sohar Power Plant Pressure Reducing Train skid (Flare System, FMS, Electric Heater for OGC)
    3. KGP Fire Fighting
    4. MAF Fire Fighting Upgrade Project
    5. Detailed Design of Crude Tank Full Surface Fire Protection System at Mina Al-Fahal Refinery
  • List of DR/HAZOP Studies chaired by Mr. Vishwas Shinde: Brownfield and New projects
    1. Daleel: FEED for New Primary Oil Treatment Facilities in DPS and B-block Stations
    2. Daleel: DPS and B Block Detailed Design
    3. Fahud D Compressor
    4. GD Modular Wellhead Skid Standardisation
    5. Harmal Well Hook-up
    6. Hawaqa North MSV Project
    7. Al Shomou LPO Projects
    8. OGC: Early Tie-In Pressure Reducing Station at Ibri
    9. PDO: Thuleilat MFM Hook Up Project
    10. HAZOP for CCED Detailed Design of Phase -2 of ULFA EPF Development
    11. LLRTP Flowline Standardisation
    12. Sohar Early Gas Tie-in
    13. NRPS HP and AP Flare Replacement project
    14. NRPS Oil Export Pump Project
    15. Hanya Accelerated Water Flood Project
    16. RMPS Reclaimed Fluid Facilities
    17. Detailed Design of MGP Sales Gas Recycle & RAK Gas Buyback line
    18. OQ/SGS: Detailed Design of Water Handling Unit for Bisat Wells.
    19. Detailed Design of Gas Supply to Deepak Oman
    20. FEED for Saheen Al-Madeen Gas Supply Allocation Metering Station
    21. OQ Gas Supply to Pride Packaging
    22. ILI Pigging Campaign for Shetland Gas Pipeline to Alwyn Platform (TOTAL UK).
    23. OQ Gas Supply & Allocation Metering System to Dhofar fisheries Gulf Gypsum & Salalah Mills LLC
    24. OQ Gas Supply to Jal International